• Great Article. I’m printing it out as a wonderful reminder. PS What has my body done for me lately? Beat Cancer.

    From Carrie
    January 6, 2011

  • Wow, Carrie! Your PS brought tears to my eyes. Thank YOU for reminding me what’s truly important. I’m so happy for you.

    From Beth
    January 7, 2011

  • This is my favorite post yet! It’s so easy to get caught up in negative talk – when we have so much to be thankful for!

    From Cheney
    January 7, 2011

  • Great reminder Beth – thank you. Thanks for bringing it home Carrie.

    From Debbie
    January 8, 2011

Appreciate the Positives

positive body image

In this brand new year, how about resolving to be kinder to your body? 

Many people treat their body like their enemy.  They are unhappy with how their body looks and how it performs, and they may blame their body for some (or much) of their unhappiness.  People often realize, looking back, that they were dissatisfied with their body even when they were 25 or 50 lbs lighter. 

To be kinder to your body, focus on the gifts your body has given you, not just the negatives.  We often forget about and/or take for granted all the wonderful things our body does for us.  Our body keeps on running, even when we don’t give it enough/proper fuel (sleep and/or good nutrition).  We don’t expect our cars to run on empty, yet we assume that our body will keep going even when it’s dangerously low on fuel. 

Think about what your body allows you to do.  For example, my body lets me walk and control (well, mostly!) my two big dogs (who outweigh me), even when they’re itching to chase a squirrel or deer.  How cool is that?

What has your body done for you lately?  Perhaps your body has …

  • Taken you to the top of a hill
  • Gotten stronger
  • Stayed awake so you could drive home safely
  • Learned a new physical skill
  • Created a human being
  • Fought off an infection
  • Rewarded you with the sight of a beautiful rainbow or sunset
  • Kept going, despite being in pain
  • Given you the sound of children laughing
  • Allowed you to enjoy the exquisite touch of another person

When you start criticizing your body (“I hate my thighs,” “I’m not as fit as I used to be”), please try to think of two positives for every negative.  If you appreciated your body and treated it like your friend—not your enemy—what would you do differently??

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