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By: Adam Martin, H3 Fitness Director

Over the course of the last 5 years I have become very fond of the literary style of sociologist/psychologist/author Malcolm Gladwell.  His list of non-fiction bestsellers includes The Tipping Point, Blink and Outliers.  Malcolm has a wonderful way of transforming his case studies into a real life situational analysis. 


Below I have included a link to an article he wrote for the “Annals of Innovation” blog in the New Yorker titled, How David Beats Goliath.  I suggest you print it out, break out the highlighter and enjoy.  He intertwines three somewhat unrelated topics to show that David’s biblical victory over Goliath is not an anomaly in common society.  He focuses his scientific justification on a study produced by renowned political researcher Ivan Toft.  In the review he notes that two factors will determine the success of a “David”.  The first, the passion for victory.  And secondly, the ability to create an individualized plan in preparation for battle. 


I reason that if we are both passionate about change and willing to take our own path to victory rather than a traditional cookie-cutter view we may be more successful.  Any comments?


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