• Splenda? Time to get updated to recommending something healthy and calorie free at the same time! Even the makers of Splenda have come up with a natural product like Stevia with no calories and no harmful chemicals… Nectresse… And, of course there is Stevia… not the one in the dining room at H3 with the glucose! Real Stevia, sometimes mixed with Inulin, another calorie and chemical free sweetener made from artichokes.

    From Merlyn
    June 18, 2013

  • Love this recipe!! The great thing is that you could totally substitute the splenda for a couple T. of honey and a little yogurt for a thicker texture :)

    From Lindsay
    June 26, 2013

  • Yum! Looks great! I might have to try this during my next get together!

    From Alicea
    June 30, 2013

  • Hello Alicea!
    I am glad to see you like it. It’s a great recipe to add a little flavor to your day.

    From Karla Williams
    July 1, 2013

Healthy Recipes: Mango Breeze

mango breeze

This is a special summer drink that really quenches your thirst and spices up your summer drinking.  Using a variety of fruits offers a variety of flavors and vitamins.  You can change this up and add orange juice concentrate as well along with a little vanilla extract; it’s like a mango orange dreamsicle!



 2 cups             Mango, frozen concentrate

2 gallons          Water

4 cups             Splenda


  •  In large pitcher, place all ingredients.
  • Stir until well incorporated
  • Let sit for an hour in refrigerator
  • Serve with fresh fruit in individual glasses for garnish


Serves:                       32

Serving Size:             8 ounces

Total Calories:          20




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