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Healthy Recipes: Coleslaw



15 cups                   Red Cabbage, shredded

15 cups                   Green Cabbage, shredded

6 cups                    Carrots, shredded

1 cup                      Scallions, sliced on bias

2 cup                     Mayonnaise, lowfat

1 cup                      Nonfat plain yogurt

1/2 cup                  Apple cider vinegar

1/4 cup                  Orange juice concentrate

1/4 cup                  Sugar, granulated

1 teaspoon               Celery Seed

1 tablespoon            Dry Tarragon

1/2 teaspoon           Salt

1/2 teaspoon           Black pepper, table grind

1 teaspoon               Paprika


  • In a large bowl combine the cabbage and carrots
  • In another bowl whisk together remaining ingredients
  • Pour the dressing over the slaw mix and let marinate overnight


Yield: 48 servings


Fat grams:1

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