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Healthy Grilling Pt. 2


I’m glad everyone enjoyed part one in my healthy grilling series. If you missed the post, check on this healthy grilling link. Now that you know what temperature and how to season your meat, let’s talk about the grill itself. Grilling time and flavor can vary depending on the type of grill you have. Here are some tips on how to get set up using the specific types of grills.

 Charcoal Grilling:

    1. Pick a charcoal such as Kingsford
    2. Purchase lighter fluid
    3. Depending on the amount being grilled, always make sure you have enough charcoal to create a nice bed of heat.
    4. Give yourself enough time for the charcoal to heat up before trying to grill. 
    5. Ideal for all types of grilled items: fish, meats, vegetables, tofu and fruit.
    6. Warning: Can be messy after charcoal is burned down.
    7. Warning: Temperature can’t be adjusted on charcoal grills.

 Gas Grilling:

  1. Preheating the grill is still ideal, but perhaps only 20 minutes time is needed for preheating.
  2. Once grill is hot, you can start grilling.
  3. Gas grilling is cleaner than charcoal grilling but you don’t get as much of a grilled flavor.
  4. Ideal for all types of grilling items.
  5. Temperature can be adjusted on gas grills.

 Electric Grill:

  1. Needs plenty of time to heat up, perhaps 30 minutes depending on age of electric grill.
  2. Grids need to be cleaned after each use, as the debris left from the food won’t clean off as easily as they do on the grills mentioned above.
  3. Any types of grilling items can be done on such equipment but depending on the grill, it may take longer than other types of grilling.

I’ll leave you with another recipe to try out on the grill. These Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin Kebabs bring some variety to your grilling party!

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