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H3 Recipe: BBQ Chicken Pita Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza 


 4 each            Whole wheat pita bread

2 each            Red onions, cut thin, and caramelized in sauté pan

1 1/3 c.           Bell peppers, mixed colors, julienned or chopped (1/3 c./pita)

½ c.                 H3 BBQ sauce (about 2 T. / pizza)

1 c.                  Part skim mozzarella cheese, (1/4 c. / pizza)

8 oz.                Chicken breast, cleaned, grilled, and chopped small (2oz/pizza)


  • Preheat oven to 375
  • Grease sheet pan with pan spray
  • Layout pitas  on sheet pan
  • Ladle 2 ounces  of sauce over pita and spread
  • Spread out caramelized red onions over pizza about ¼ cup each
  • Then mixed peppers, chicken breast, and mozzarella cheese.

 Chef’s Note:  The calorie count may vary depending on the type and size of pita used.  Be sure to pick whole wheat versus multi-grain, as they tent to be the same size and lower in calories than multi-grain.  To up the filling effect, and add a serving of vegetables, add fresh spinach to the bottom before layering other ingredients on top.   

This recipe does great in toaster ovens, so if only cooking for one, that’s the way to go!


Serving Size:                       1

Calories:                               325

Fat Grams                             5

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