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Finding Your Inner Child For The Holidays

I’m sure all you mom’s can relate to this – isn’t it funny how parenthood can somehow make you instantly comfortable with some of the very things you swore you would never do (like your mom) when you were growing up?  Or do you find yourself immersed in activities with your kids that you would just want to crawl in a hole if someone saw you doing it before you were a mom?  Well, I definitely do.  I have danced in my living room with my 2-year-old with more freedom than I ever had on those “girls’ nights”, and I find the urge to be crafty hits me 10 times harder.  Just recently my mom sent me a box, and one of the items inside was a pair of snowflake earrings.  I just looked at them and thought, “Man, 3 years ago I would’ve said ‘I wouldn’t wear these in a million years’ and now I’m thinking ‘those aren’t so bad, might have to rock them this year!’” Holidays also give me such a strong desire to do something different and fun for the daycare children.

This Halloween is no different.  I’ve already been thinking about what I could make for the daycare Halloween party that would be healthy, but cool enough that the kids would get excited about it (and yes, maybe even eat it!)  Thank goodness for the internet, because while I will take some ownership in the small crafty/creative ability I have, the ideas are always stolen from somewhere else.  I wanted to explore beyond the Worms and Dirt this year (that’s chocolate pudding and gummy worms, for those of you who are new to this kid’s holiday), so I checked on myrecipes.com and found a couple cool appetizers and treats I thought I would share with you.

  1. Jack O Lantern Quesadillas – these orange or red tortillas, cut into pumpkin shapes even with faces cut out on them are super fun as an appetizer or meal for this scary night!  Fill them with veggies and/or chicken and it’s a healthy fun meal.
  2. Spook Crisps – yet another way to use those quesadillas, use cookie cutters to make them into Halloween shapes and bake with some cheese and spices for a yummy crunch.
  3. Pumpkin Dip – great as a side or dessert, this dip pairs well with sliced apples or pita chips.
  4. Ghoul-Aid Punch – this recipe comes with instructions on making your very own ice sculpture from a Mask!  What a fright to see that floating in your punch bowl!
  5. Apple Ghosts – try this Halloween twist on caramel or candied apples – dip yours in white chocolate and add ghostly faces with pieces of black licorice for a treat your kids will never forget. 

Whether you’ve got kids or not, don’t be afraid to let that inner child out to play every once in awhile – it really is good for the soul.  We like to think that we teach our children a lot of things, but I’m beginning to see that they teach us just as much, if not more.  What has your inner child done lately??

Apple Ghosts

Apple Ghosts

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