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Ways to cut calories (without too much thinking!)

Here at H3, we encourage journaling in all forms.  Journaling is a great way to increase awareness of your actions and keep yourself accountable- whether it is your daily food intake, exercise or emotional ups-and-downs.


Today, I wanted to focus more on food journaling.  Food journaling may not be a permanent fixture in most of our lives, rather a way to help jumpstart healthy habits, and become more aware of our behaviors.  Until eating healthy and nutritious foods becomes second nature, it’s a great way to keep yourself on track.


Unfortunately, we have the tendency to become obsessed with the calories we are eating rather than the quality and serving size of what we are eating.  You’ll be amazed at what making small changes in your diet can add up to! 


Here are a few no-hassle tips to cut a few extra calories throughout your day – and not even miss them!


–  Instead of thinking of granola as your morning staple, think of it rather as a condiment.  Sprinkle lightly over yogurt, as a cup of granola can have around 400 calories!


–  Make your coffee a skinny.  Adding non-fat milk rather than whole milk can save you around 100 calories. 


–  Eat your fruit – don’t drink it!  Eating your fruit naturally will help you stay full longer, is full of fiber and lower in sugar.


–  Having a sandwich?  Make it open-faced!  You can save up anywhere from 70 to 100 calories from removing just one slice of bread.  Make sure the other is a whole-grain!


–  Don’t forget to hold the mayo.  Substituting another spread like mustard or hummus can cut calories and fat, while still allowing for flavor.


–  Put down the soda and sweetened drinks.  Instead brew a cup of tea or stick your trusty water bottle.  One 12-oz soda contains 240 calories and 65g of SUGAR.  (That’s twice the recommended daily intake!)


–  Use the dip and spear method when eating a salad.  You will be surprised at how much less you really need!


–  Instead of pre-packaged snacks, reach for fresh fruits or a serving of nuts.  Pre-packaged snacks like crackers and chips are less filling and often contain more calories, fats and sugars.


–  Instead of dining out, cook at home.  You can control the preparation methods AND portion sizes.


–  Dinner for two?  If you choose to dine out, try splitting the meal and order a salad as an appetizer. 


These are just a few small changes that can add up to make a huge difference.  After a few weeks, you won’t even notice you are doing them!

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