• Karla
    Great advice…I brown bag most days. It helps to stay in control. Enjoying the H3 daily blogs…we may not post often, however, we are reading! Thanks.

    From Trev Witt
    September 14, 2011

Trim your waistline by brown-bagging it!

Bag Lunch and an Apple

Taking a healthy lunch to work is a simple way to trim your waistline and your budget. Here are 3 easy steps to survive your work week. 

1. Keep it simple:

Packing a lunch that includes lean or low-fat protein along with carbohydrates (fruit, vegetables or whole wheat grains) will fuel your body for the rest of the afternoon. If you love sandwiches choose whole wheat bread and a lean protein like tuna or chicken, also load up that sandwich with vegetables; sprouts, bell peppers, and lettuce. Looking to switch up your sandwich routine? Try the Chipotle Chicken Wrap at H3daily.com and pair it with a small fruit salad.  

2. Prepare on Sunday:

Always think ahead. Fill small plastic containers with fresh fruit or vegetables and make it a daily staple for your afternoon lunch. Add raw vegetables with a yummy dip like the H3 hummus to any lunch to get a serving of vegetables in.  Try the H3 asparagus salad to add fun and flavor to your day. Also, cook all of your proteins for the week and pack them in small containers to easily take away in the morning.

3. Heat up Leftovers:

By the time Friday rolls around you are probably almost out of all your wisely packed lunches. No problem! I am sure you have many healthy and delicious dinner leftovers in your refrigerator. Use them, pack them in an air tight container and reheat for lunch time. Take this a little further and cook your dinners in bulk. Then portion the dinners into smaller lunches for the entire week.  One of my favorite dinners to pack for lunch is the Chicken Souvlaki.

Don’t forget:

Lunches with meat or dairy should be kept cold. Place your lunch in the refrigerator when you arrive to work. If you don’t have a refrigerator available, invest in thermo lunch boxes and ice packs.

Warning: Your coworkers may be jealous that you have such healthy and satisfying lunches. 

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