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Transform Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving is always that perfect holiday filled with all your favorite comfort foods, family and never ending leftovers! :-)

Transforming those leftovers into some healthier and lighter meals is easier than it seems. Here are a few tips:

Extra turkey breast can be turned into turkey Caesar wraps in a whole wheat tortilla, H3’s Caesar dressing, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and a side of fruit.

Turkey and mashed potatoes can be turned into a turkey and wild rice chowder using the potatoes as your “cream” and your thickening agent.  Use low sodium chicken stock and lots of carrots, onions and celery to bulk up your fiber.

How about that gravy….perhaps you thin out the gravy with water or maybe even more low sodium vegetable or chicken stock and use it for a future sauce like chicken marsala or add lemon to it and make it a picatta

Cranberry relish can be turned into a spread for your sandwiches on rye bread or even in a vegetable turkey wrap with light mayonnaise and sprouts.

How about that stuffing… perhaps you add that to butterflied pork tenderloin and use that as your stuffing, then sear the pork tenderloin and roast!  Tada!  New dinner item!

Vegetable casseroles can be used in a pureed soup….but you may be thinking well I didn’t make the casserole very healthy.  That’s okay, simply dilute the casserole with lean stock and add more vegetables to increase your fiber content. Using lean stock helps spread out your calories but should still have great flavor!

No matter the leftover, just get creative I am sure there is a way to reuse without it feeling boring!

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving and you’re not still feeling full! :-)

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