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The Comfort of Fall

My favorite piece of fall!

My favorite piece of fall!

Fall is definitely in upon us.  The past two mornings that I have left for work, there is a distinct chill in the air.  So much so that I (the very hot-natured person that I am) have had to wear a light jacket!  Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons, mainly because down here in South Carolina, the weather is perfect!  It doesn’t get too chilly – and there is no humidity – so that means being able to enjoy the outdoors.

There is something so comforting about fall.  I’m not sure if it is being able to wrap up in soft and cozy sweaters, drink hot chocolate or if it is the comfort of warm fall foods.  The tastes of one of my favorite holidays – Thanksgiving.  It’s time to put away the berries and melons, and welcome the winter squash, bowls of warm chili and my favorite of them all pumpkin!

I have a bit of an obsession with that little orange harvest veggie.  Not only do I enjoy the seasonal pumpkin scented candles and have even succumbed to a tube of pumpkin flavored lip gloss, but I will include pumpkin on pretty much anything else that goes in my mouth.    

Little did I know, that pumpkin was not only delicious, it is very nutritious!  Pumpkins are loaded with antioxidants, vitamin A and fiber, and low in calories.  You can also find loads of nutritional benefits in their seeds too – they are high in amino acids and zinc. 

Pumpkin can be enjoyed in recipes ranging from breakfast to snacks to dinner and desserts.  In the mornings, I add about ½ cup to my oatmeal and a tablespoon of brown sugar – it’s like a slice of pumpkin pie first thing in the morning!  Watch out for the canned pumpkin – it flies off the shelves.  On our website you can find recipes for pumpkin muffins, candied pumpkin seeds and pumpkin cheesecake.

If you love fall cooking – join us in November for our Holiday Cooking Healthy workshop – and you’ll learn how to prepare healthy versions of your favorite traditional holiday dishes!

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