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Orange vs. Orange Juice

The Orange or The Juice?

Oranges are that great fruit that everyone knows are high in vitamin C but usually most oranges are consumed in their juice form which can take away from some the natural benefits of oranges.  Although vitamin C is important to our health, oranges can offer even more when you actually eat them.  First, keep in mind that we recommend you eat your calories and not drink them.  By eating the actual orange, you gain fiber, potassium, folate and thiamin.  Think of it this way, you can feel an orange that you ate in your stomach, but drinking an 8 ounce glass of orange juice isn’t really going to fill your stomach.  

A great tip to get more fresh oranges in your diet is to peel them all right away and put them in zip lock bags or air tight containers right after purchasing them.  By doing this, you have just made that quick snack even more convenient to eat. Many people would over look an orange and go with a banana or an apple because it’s easier and quicker to eat. Remember, it’s important to incorporate not only a variety of fruits in your diet, but also a variety of colors.  

Oranges are great for you metabo meals, great on salads, as a fruit cup, or even cooked as a salsa.  

Eat those oranges, and feel the benefits!

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