• Unbelievable!!! It’s hard to believe they have the audacity to pull this stunt with the levels of morbid obesity rising so fast in our country!!

    From Becky Rosenberg
    February 3, 2010

“King of Beers” Now Available at Burger King

Burger King made an announcement last month that it is in the early stages of opening a restaurant that will serve beer. Why not rinse down those healthy artery clogging burgers and fries with a healthy refreshing brewski? The new “Whopper/beer/fries” combo will run at a low price of just $7.99.


The chain’s first U.S. location to serve alcohol will be at its South Beach location and should open mid-February.  “Morningstar analyst R.J. Hottovy says adding beer at selected locations around the world is part of Miami-based Burger King’s effort to reinvent itself as a fast-food restaurant with a sit-down feel.”  It is also said that the restaurant will offer outdoor dining with a walk-up window and delivery service.


The “sit-down feel” sounds a bit incongruous to me. Why not just promote this as the sedentary lifestyle’s greatest dream?


Read the entire article here.

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