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Halloween Tricks, Treats and Good Eats!

There are so many great things about the Halloween season; from the decorations, to the change in weather and making chili.  Let’s not forget that ever tempting Halloween candy….yikes it’s everywhere!  Here are a few good tricks on the Halloween candy along with some better Halloween treats that are just as good eats!

Here is trick number One!

  1. Do not buy the candy in the first place….real easy uh?
  2. If you buy candy, buy a candy bar not a bag of candy that then sits on the counter that you walk by frequently.  Place a bowl of grapes there instead. 
  3. Never keep the candy where you can see it.
  4. Try making an H3 sweet instead for your Halloween Fix!
  5. Always Remember Unwise, Better, Best!  Yes, it only comes around once a year but a bowl of Kit Kat’s will make a difference every year!

Halloween Treats!

Make sure these tempting treats don’t set you back in your healthy lifestyle. Eat quality treats that perhaps make more of a dent in your satisfaction then 8 little pieces of candy that will add up to one big lump sum of extra calories that you don’t feel.  Remember they are called treats for a reason, so eat them sparingly but do enjoy the quality lower fat H3 sweet treat items! 

Stay calorie SAFE :-)

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