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From the H3 Vault: Holiday Drinks Pack In the Calories

When you think of holiday treats, coffee isn’t usually the first image that comes to mind but these holiday brews have grown to become a popular tradition during the holiday season. Blasting the heat in your car, fiercely rubbing some feeling into your hands, it’s hard not to give into the steamy cup of peppermint joe being advertized at large fast-food chains around the nation. Before spontaneously ordering what you may think is a harmless refreshing drink, watch the video below.

Personally, I’m a sucker for warm drinks during the holidays so I have found that making hot chocolate with the diet or no-sugar added packets not only helps warm me up but also helps me tame my nagging sweet tooth. Another alternative is to make your own coffee or to order black coffee and sweeten it yourself. This way you control how much sugar you’re consuming! Add one mint chocolate kiss or your favorite lite creamer to your coffee to give it that holiday flavor.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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