• Jen, you are so right in this! I travel 2-3 weeks a month and through my fridge and Bob’s classes on traveling healthy, I have ZERO concerns about my nutrition when I am on the road. It CAN be done. So many people I meet traveling say it is just impossible to eat healthy on the road and I call them out, tell them of my success and that I spend as much time on the road as they do. No excuses. It is FAR from impossible and this post just accentuates the additional options you have when you travel.

    From Lyle Orr
    March 18, 2012

Eating While Traveling or Vacationing

 Traveling for work or pleasure can be so much fun but can also be so taxing on the body, and probably the pocket book too.  We want to be able to set ourselves up for success in either situation.  If you are traveling for work purposes make sure that you are finding a room that may have a mini fridge and microwave.  To some of you, you might be shaking your head and wonder where in the world am I going with this.  Hold onJ  Becoming more practical in what we actually need in our suitcases might be the first start, but I won’t spend much time on that.  Let’s look at what are foods that I could bring that I can cook in my room or just have prepared and able to heat up.  Yes I am suggesting a mini cooler.  Ice packs can go through security and they can go in checked luggage, so your food can be kept cold.  Such things that I could bring would be perhaps tuna salad, chicken salad, grilled chicken breast, spaghetti and meat sauce, frozen bags of vegetables, H3 prepared salad dressings.  Now, again I am sure some of you are shaking your head and thinking I’m crazy…..but remember all of this is doable you just have to make it a priority and plan for it. 

Obviously if you are out for a week at a time, you may have to eat out.  But you should know from Bob’s lectures that you have the unwise, better, best question to ask yourself when ordering off the menu.  We all know when we are making bad choices, creating those halo effects, and when we are making the right choice.  Now if you are staying at the great hotels that have continental and they serve whole wheat bread in the morning, that’s a great vehicle for your tuna salad or chicken salad that you brought with.  Many continental breakfasts have fresh fruit available; grab some fruit for later for your metabo.  This is something you just have to get a little creative on.  If you are traveling in your car versus a plane, then your options are even better.  You can probably pack a bigger cooler with healthier options for all meals.  Just never say I didn’t give you any good ideas for travelingJ

Now for my vacationers!  I’m about to go to Hawaii for two weeks, and as your Executive Chef I should probably practice what I preach so I’m going to explain what I have done to prepare for this trip.  I have a suitcase designated for food.  Some of you might be thinking…of course you do Jen, you would!  But, let’s think of the time, money, and calories I will be saving by doing so.  I have brought in my food suitcase, whole wheat tortillas, low fat mayo, cans of tuna, whole wheat spaghetti, and cans of tomato paste to make my own sauce, whole wheat pancake mix, mini bottle of lite maple syrup, brown rice, and wing sauce.  Now there are a few more items I have packed but most of you are thinking that I’m crazy at this point so I’m just going to continue with explaining my meal plan.  First and foremost, I am staying at a time share where there is a kitchen so that’s a big bonus.  I will only need to shop for my perishables such as chicken breast, low fat milk, fruit, and vegetables.  Here I will be able to make tuna salad sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, buffalo chicken wraps, brunch for lunch with fresh fruit atop my whole wheat pancakes, spaghetti with lean ground beef, stir fry, and so on.  This gives me the option to not eat out for every meal and helps me stick to my healthy eating plan while on vacation.  I’m sure that upon returning home it would be hard to start cooking again if I went out every night while on vacation. 

Eating while traveling does not have to be impossible; it just takes some organization and creativity.  You can make it practical if you plan well.  Anything is better than nothing!  Oh and one last thing, if weather permits, see if you can find a grocery store close enough to walk to but far enough that you are getting a little exercise in.  I will supply pictures through the week!  Happy cooking!

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