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Avoiding Mall Temptations

It is that wonderful time of year; Christmas music, big red bows, gift shopping and good eats! A big long shopping day requires two healthy MetaboMeals and a nutritious lunch. To ensure a healthy and merry shopping day, take these tips along with your Christmas cheer to the mall with you.

Pack, pack, pack! Pack all of the food that you will need for the time you are out. Bring a small cooler; fill it with ice packs and keep it in your car while you are shopping. For your MetaboMeals, pack light hummus with carrot sticks, apples, oranges, Edamame, black bean and corn salsa with pita chips or a grilled vegetable salad. Think simple, nutritious and delicious!

Next, part of the fun in your shopping day is enjoying lunch with your shopping friends. Prepare your lunch at home and eat with your pals in the Food Court. You won’t feel tempted at the Food Court if you have packed a flavorful satisfying lunch. Try a Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap, Steak Fajita Wrap, Tuna Swiss Melt or a turkey sandwich with basil pesto on whole wheat bread. If you are feeling very creative and need a punch of flavor, prepare a Mediterranean wrap made with tzatiki sauce, grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, spinach and a whole wheat tortilla.

By planning and preparing your meals ahead of time, you will easily pass the pretzel stand at the mall and feel fully energized and satisfied throughout your entire jolly shopping day.

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