A Healthier Pizza Night

In a cooking demonstration by H3 Chef Marvis Hinson last week, she made the following statement, “Whenever I eat homemade pizza, I am satisfied after one slice, but when I order out from the local pizza joint, it takes half the pie.”


A proclaimed pizza lover, I jump at the chance to hit up the local pizza joint.  However, this comment struck a chord, and had me craving a pizza pie.  So, instead of dining out on Friday night, I decided to experiment and create my own pizza masterpiece.


Turns out, she was right!  Not only was I more satisfied after just two slices of my homemade veggie pizza, I had fun in the process.  Turning the time in the kitchen into a get together with friends kept me from snacking, but also gave me a chance to catch up on the week’s events. 


Here are a few reasons why you should opt out of delivery:


Making your own pizza is fun!  Perfect for a weekend activity, and if you have kids, they will love getting to help personalize their own pizza.  Cooking the pizza yourself makes you appreciate it more when it’s done.  I think that’s why we feel satisfied after just a bit. 


Eating healthy can still taste good.  Our homemade pizza included a crispy whole wheat crust and three servings of veggies! 


– When cooking at home, not only can you limit fat and calories, but more importantly hidden sodium!  Here at H3, we recommend limiting sodium to 2300 mg for a typical adult eating 2000 calories daily.  If you are on a lower calorie diet, limit accordingly.  For example, someone on a 1600 calorie diet, limit to 2000 mg and 1200 calories limiting to 1800 mg sodium. 

Look at these nutrition facts from America’s most popular pizza delivery:

                One slice of Supreme Pizza from Pizza Hut = 1000 mg of sodium (380 calories, 18 g of Fat)

                One slice of Meat Lovers from Pizza Hut = 1270 mg of sodium (440 calories, 23 g of Fat)

Each of the two slices above hold half the sodium content for your daily intake – eat two of each and you have put yourself over that limit! 


– You can personalize your own pizza and add your favorite toppings!  When building my pizza Friday, I re-created my usual veggie pizza from my favorite local pizza joint.  It turned out perfect – adding the same toppings made it feel as though I had ordered out!


Ready to make your own?  Read more for tips to building your ‘best’ pizza pie.

–  When deciding on a crust, look for whole wheat dough or pre-made whole wheat crust like Boboli’s 100% Whole Wheat Crusts.  You can also choose to build your pizza on an H3 favorite, whole wheat pitas or a lavosh cracker. 


–  The next step is the sauce!  Luckily, H3 makes a mean marinara and I have the recipe to share with you!  If you don’t have time to make your own, look for a pre-made marina sauce low in sodium and sugar. 


–  Next load up the veggies!  Choose from pineapple, green, yellow and red peppers, spinach, onion, mushrooms, artichokes, broccoli, sundried tomatoes, eggplant, or anything else your heart desires.  If you are a meat lover, add protein in the forms of grilled shrimp or chicken. 


–  Saved the best for last, le fromage!  Sprinkle your pizza with a mix of low-fat mozzarella and parmesan cheese.  Or if you are daring and want a stronger flavor, try feta or goat cheese crumbles. 


Pop in the oven and enjoy!


Doesn’t this look yummy!

Healthy Pizza

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