Why Worksite Health?

Ever found yourself nodding off at your desk after your lunch of burger and fries? Or taking the elevator up to the next floor to use the restroom so that you don’t have to pass by your co-worker’s desk with the big bowl of chocolate temptations? Dreading that departmental meeting because you know lunch will be provided by the pizza place down the street?

All these scenarios make it very difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle. Quitting your job isn’t always an option, so what other steps can you take? Whether you are a leader in your organization or not, a good idea can be generated from any level. Consider advocating for or implementing health and wellness policies that would be beneficial for all employees. Consider factors like:
• Workplace smoking bans
• Alcohol policies
• Incentive programs
• Healthy food menus from which selections must be made for company functions
• Designated areas to eat lunch from home rather than being required to eat out

For example, the first two scenarios above might be avoided by implementing a policy for a designated break room. In which, should be the only area where food is visible. Providing healthy options at company events/meetings can be a relatively easy way for a company to meet the needs of their employees. Worksite wellness programs can be as simple as an annual screening and access to online resources, or it can involve organization-wide programs with activities and goals; implemented within policies and procedures; and even some friendly competition between departments.

Our environment plays a vital role in our success to grow and maintain a healthy lifestyle, so if you’re asking yourself “is it worth the trouble?”… the answer is “Yes! YOU are!” Take an opportunity to discuss some options with your organization’s leaders, and if you need any tips or assistance, contact Alicea Glover at aglover@hhealth.com to inquire about what we provide our employees through H3Direct, our worksite wellness program.

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