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Why am I not losing weight?

If you have taken steps to create healthier habits in your lifestyle, but still feel like you aren’t losing weight, it can be very frustrating.  The bright side is, every little bit helps, so don’t sell yourself short so fast! 


But, maybe there are a few hidden habits that you don’t really realize may be sabotaging all of your efforts.  A recent article uncovered a few common weight loss pitfalls – which I think may help uncover few helpful hints.


Reason #1: It’s what we here call the ‘Halo Effect’.  You’re choosing foods labeled ‘low-fat’ or ‘light’ but actually tend to eat more of them.  Many times, just because a product is low-fat doesn’t mean low calorie.  Make sure that you aren’t sucked into a great marketing ploy – and be aware by still checking out a product’s nutrition label. 


Reason #2: Eat your calories, don’t drink them.  Another familiar phrase – but it’s very true!  You may be consuming ‘healthy’ drinks like fruit juices or fruit smoothies – but these are much higher in calories than their whole food version.  An 8 oz. glass of orange juice contains around 100 calories, which may not seem like a lot, but to those trying to lose weight, eating the whole fruit version may be your best bet. 


Reason #3: When trying to properly manage portions, you tend to ‘overestimate’ the correct serving.  When trying to lose weight, it’s a great idea to measure your food.  When eating items like cereal or peanut butter, use a measuring cup or spoon, so that you know exactly how much you are consuming.  It’s also a great idea to journal your food – much like we encourage you to do so while here.  This helps increase awareness as well as makes it easier to monitor calories.


Reason #4: A dab here, a sprinkle there…condiments and dressings can really add up.  When eating a salad or meal that you would normally eat with a dressing, try the ‘dip and spear’ method.  Instead of mayo or sour cream, try hummus or low-fat Greek yogurt.  Obviously, it’s important for your food to taste good, so if you must eat mayo on your sandwich just be careful not to overdo it. 


Reason #5: Just because a food is deemed ‘healthy’ it is not OK to eat it in excess quantities.  A common example is avocado.  Avocado is a very nutritious food – they provide nearly 20 essential nutrients, including fiber, potassium, Vitamin E, B-vitamins and folic acid – however one avocado equals about 250 calories.  The big picture here is – it’s all about moderation – enjoy these foods for their nutrition, but if you are trying to lose weight watch out for ‘hidden’ calories.


Reason #6: Your exercising consists of a 15 minute leisurely walk, maybe three times a week.  When trying to lose weight, exercise will be a key proponent.  Recommended for all adults is at least 30 minutes for moderate cardio exercise five days a week and two days of full body strength training.  Make sure your exercise is purposeful and you aim to reach your target heart rate.


If you feel that none of these reasons pertain to you – then remember ‘Weight follows behavior – just not right away!’ 



Source: Common Weight Loss Mistakes

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