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Turn Up The Heat!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner; have you already made plans for you and your loved one? Our friends at Hilton Head Health would like to share a few ideas for a healthy celebration of love this year.

Make a fitness date. Spend quality time with your loved one without all the clutter of the house, cell phones, TV or internet. Leave all the stress behind and enjoy one another’s company in the great outdoors. Go for a picnic and walk in the park, a bike ride, a partner workout or a night of dancing.

Indulge in a little chocolate. If you’re trying to follow a healthy diet, you may think chocolate is out of the question. Instead of skipping the treats, allow yourself a small serving to keep from feeling deprived. With moderation, eating something sweet may actually keep you from binging later and some chocolates offer various health benefits. Seventy percent dark or organic chocolate, as well as chocolate wrapped in thick wrappers, tend to be better for you. Much of the recent research suggests that the consumption of chocolate, in moderation, may help prevent high blood pressure, improve heart health and provide a bounty of antioxidants our bodies necessitate.

Give a little self love. With busy schedules and endless responsibilities, we often tend to put ourselves last when it comes to dishing out our attention. This year, make a date with yourself by buying yourself flowers, scheduling a massage, a pedicure or manicure, a quite lunch and movie, a hot bath or a walk in a peaceful place you haven’t visited in awhile.

Since February is not only the month of love but also the month of heart health, we can’t go without suggesting taking care of your heart. If you’re in the area, let one of our H3 Chefs lead you and your date in a Valentine’s Day themed cooking class at the Culinary Arts Center, or heat things up at home by following one of the healthy recipes found right here on H3Daily.

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