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Top 5 Thanksgiving Survival Strategies

Now that we have all survived Halloween, it’s time to set our sights on Thanksgiving. Here are my top 5 picks for strategies that will get you through Thanksgiving without overeating and making unhealthy food choices:

  1.  Bring something you can eat: If you offer to bring a dish to a Thanksgiving feast, prepare one that you know is on your food plan. Likewise, all you Thanksgiving chefs, prepare one healthy dish this year to give your health-conscious guests a guilt-free option.
  2. Do a reconnaissance mission: Before even picking up you plate at a Thanksgiving buffet, take a look at all the dishes that are offered and decide what you will and will not be eating. Then go get your plate and stick to the plan! This helps to prevent the pile-up syndrome which happens when your plate is full as you get to the end of the buffet where your two favorite dishes await, thus the piling begins.
  3. Speed Bump: Set up an imaginary speed-bump in the center of your plate (you can use a string bean or two for a visual reminder). When you’ve eaten half your plate, or up to your speed bump, slow down and take a break. Take a sip of water, get up and use the restroom, engage in conversation. Just give yourself five minutes to let your head catch up with your stomach. Check-in with your fullness and satiety before continuing to eat again.
  4. Skip Seconds: Going back for seconds is a sure fire way to overeat. Make sure your first plate has all your favorites and enough for a good healthy meal. Then savor every aspect of the meal so that you don’t feel as if you are missing out on anything. I guarantee you, one plate will be enough.
  5. Close your eyes. Eat your meal mindfully. Savor several bites. Take in the aroma before even eating. Every once in a while, take small bites and let them sit on your tongue for a moment before chewing. Also, close your eyes every so often to isolate your sense of taste and truly relish the bite. Be present for this special meal…it only comes once a year!

These are simple strategies that will have a profound effect on your Thanksgiving experience. Use them and I guarantee you will enjoy the holiday without any eating regrets.

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