Tonight at 10/9C, Another HEAVY Transformation

Jill before Tonight at 10/9C, Another HEAVY TransformationTonight you will have the opportunity to witness the transformations of Jill and Johnny.

Jill wants nothing in the world more than to have a baby, but at 35 years old and 305 pounds, her doctor told her she has a hundred pounds to lose before she can become pregnant. Will Jill be able to reach her goal to be a mom, or will her history of being a closet eater come back to haunt her? 

Johnny before Tonight at 10/9C, Another HEAVY TransformationJohnny, at 443 pounds, has spent most of the 19 years of his life using food as a comfort. Abandoned by his biological mother at age three, Johnny has struggled with his weight ever since. Now Johnny is ready to let go of the anger, and get a fresh start in life.

If you were here last year, you likely met one or both of these amazing individuals at some point during their stay – and now here’s your opportunity to see their entire journey!  Be sure to tune into A&E at 10/9C tonight! 

If you missed last week’s episode featuring Ronnie and Debbie, visit www.aetv.com to watch the full episode plus additional bonus scenes!

pixel Tonight at 10/9C, Another HEAVY Transformation


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