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The Climb

My accountability partner and I have been texting each other just about every day to make sure we’re staying on track. She recently told me about a tough run she had and we decided to talk about it. Before her run, she decided to shoot for her best 5K time. In spite of the heat during her noon-day run, she managed to meet her goal of setting a new personal record (PR) for her 5K! After hearing this, I wondered why she was so upset about her run. Turns out, the rush from meeting her goal inspired her to make a PR for her farthest run right after running her fastest 5K. Needless to say, having spent just about all her energy meeting her 5K goal, her long run didn’t go as she hoped. I reminded my partner that while setting challenges for yourself is a good thing, celebrating when you meet those challenges is just as important.

I know I’ve found myself guilty of forgetting to celebrate my simple wins and solely focusing on what I could have done better. Often used in wellness coaching, when assessing whether or not you met your goals, try giving each goal a percentage instead of a flat out yes or no. What I’ve learned from this exercise is that even though I may not have cooked as many meals at home, decluttered as many rooms in my house, lost as much weight as I had hoped, or whatever the goal is at the time, I still made 70% more progress than the time before—which to me is success worth celebrating! So the next time you’re down about missing that top branch, take a look at your surroundings and celebrate how far you’ve already climbed.

We’re so proud of all your success, keep up the hard work!

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