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Taking A Stand For Health

We’ve talked about the toll sitting for too long can take on our bodies before. Adam even shared an eye-opening Infographic that really helped put things into perspective. Today, I’d like to share an update on the subject. I ran across this clip from CNN on the danger of sitting or standing for too long, which got me thinking. I spend most of my workday behind a desk and have to force myself (and admittedly sometimes skip) working out when leaving the office. I came to the realization that on days when I go for a walk during my lunch break, I don’t have to convince myself to exercise after work as much. In fact, on days when I’m running back and forth, from one location to the next, I have more energy and am more eager to exercise. Coincidence? I think not. Among the countless health benefits of exercise, it also makes you more alert and energized throughout the day, which in turn can mean you don’t have to rely on as many snacks or cups of coffee to be present in each moment. Take a moment to watch this feature on CNN and ask yourself how you can fit more steps (or even just standing more) into each day.

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