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Last year I was very depressed about the way I looked and felt. I was around 70 lbs over weight and felt completely hopeless after trying and failing so many diet plans. I was obsessed with tv shows like The Biggest Loser and A&E’s Heavy. When Heavy started filming at Hilton Head Health, I kept saying to myself, Hilton Head’s just a few hours away. In April, I decided I was going to go spend a week there after school got out. So I booked my week in June and began to think that there was hope.

During my week there, I attended every informational class that was offered. I have worked out in gyms and taken various classes, so my primary concern was to get all of the accurate information I could get. This is where I learned about the H3@ Home Coaching program. I looked at that as a protection on my investment so that when I got home, when I had questions or problems, I would have someone to turn to. I was matched up with Amy Kelderhouse and we hit it off immediately.

How has H3@Home Coaching benefitted you?

When I got home, I did in fact have many questions and issues. I had a couple of injuries, sometimes challenges, and all kinds of general questions. Amy was always right there with fabulous solutions to every problem I encountered. With her guidance, I was walking 6 miles every day and planning good meals. I was having a horrible time with plantar fasciitis, which she gave me wonderful stretching exercises for. I remember telling her that during the third month of being at home, that everything hurts because I’m just old and tired. She reminded me of the book and class I had taken at Hilton Head Health called “Younger Next Year”. I had actually downloaded that book onto my iPad while I was in Hilton Head. I got it out and started reading it. Amy had been reminding me that I really needed to get my heart rate up while walking. Due to the plantar fasciitis, I just couldn’t walk any faster. But when reading the book, something clicked. I went out and bought a heart rate monitor and started riding my exercise bike. The first week I worked 20 minutes at the correct heart rate. I added 5 minutes each week until I had worked up to 45 minutes per day 6 days a week. The weight started falling off.

What successes can you attribute to wellness coaching and the continued at-home support?

I am now down a size in my clothing, have more energy and am feeling better in general. I plan my meals each Sunday for the week in order to eat correctly. My entire life has changed since attending Hilton Head Health and having Amy as my at home trainer. Previous to my visit, I was doing nothing. Now, I’m exercising 6 days a week without fail. Had I not had Amy, I don’t think I would’ve made it. The accountability along with the resources and help she gave me were/are invaluable. I am so incredibly grateful for having this opportunity.

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