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Sharing Success: Cari Davine

Where to start? To the simplest note, Cari Davine has been a true example of how to take wellness coaching and literally run with the support backed from a coach. Her journey began in early May 2011 and has not stopped or wavered in the slightest to this very day. When I first met Cari, I noticed that she was somewhat self-conscious and un-sure of who she really was, but I was completely wrong. As Cari went through our Health Lifestyle™ program she not only shrunk in waist sizes, but her aura completely changed. The biggest switch I began to notice was that she started to feel like herself again and any self-consciousness was thrown out the window. Her energy changed and she started to find the fun in pushing herself to the limit. She took almost all of our toughest classes and stayed focused her entire stay leading into the coaching program. Before leaving, Cari attend our H3@Home information session and I’ll never forget what she said to me after the session. She explained “I want you to be my coach, I am fed up with the old Cari and I am never going back.” Right when I heard this, I could honestly feel her motivation ringing in my ears. I was excited to have the opportunity to work with Cari and had 150% confidence that her seriousness and assertiveness for her life would take her wherever she wanted.

As Cari began the H3@Home Coaching, she had a solid base of fitness; however now it’s as good as any athlete out there (I’m jealous of her ability to recover after workouts). She has established times to attend CrossFit (a popular group exercise class), scheduled morning runs, and even found a love for boxing (as long as it doesn’t bulk her up). Each week Cari attempted to add a different component to her fitness and now incorporates yoga while ensuring all her fitness choices remain fun. Right out of the gates, her strategy with the nutrition was to go with a healthy food delivery service called NIM (Nutrition in Motion) as this provided her a straight forward approach to maintaining a 1200 to 1400 calorie diet. Over the last two months, Cari has switched to choosing her own portions and focusing on more of a paleo-lithic approach (lean meats, vegetables and fruits). She successfully prepares each week and portions food on her own, while making great decisions when eating out and keeping it as SIMPLE as possible.

It may sound like Cari has all the time in the world to make this happen; however, she is actually a top executive lawyer for a media company in Westmount, Quebec. She travels every now and then to New York and Los Angeles, and typically works close to 50-60 hours per week.  The position she is in is very demanding as she teaches law classes and even has to find time to attend the Emmy’s every now and then. The fact is that Cari has made her health THE PRIORITY. She has not given herself any excuses and has set up specific times of when she works out. She plans ahead regularly and does not procrastinate in any facet of her life. She’s able to remain flexible and make wise decisions even when her weeks get slammed. Her proactive approach has not only evidenced a 60 pound weight loss, but has changed her attitude and overall being in this world. Her entire organization has noticed the switch she’s made in her life. Battling obstacles and not accepting “no” as an answer, Cari has recreated her lifestyle and that’s the cold hard truth. She is never going back and has become the person she always knew was inside of her. Congratulations Cari, you’ve done amazing and will continue to down the line.

Cari May 2011

Cari Nov. 2011

Please comment on how H3@Home Coaching has benefitted you in any of the following areas: appearance, motivation, energy, exercise habits, eating habits, sleep, self-esteem or stress.

Through H3@Home I have been more motivated to stay on track than ever in the past. I have stayed confident and committed to achieving my goals and have managed to keep tipping the scale down and continued marching forward even when I have had setbacks. My energy is positive and high and I am no longer reaching for the snooze button in the morning. I take pride every day in what I look like as opposed to having to reach for the stretchy leggings and oversized shirts but am having fun with my closet again.           

What successes can you attribute to wellness coaching and the continued at-home support?

I attribute my continued motivation to my weekly sessions with Jeff. He has listened to me freak out or has just laughed with me when I needed it. Knowing that I can reach out and complain about something which in the past would derail me from my goals has been the greatest comfort. When I first came home from H3, I was sad, lonely and not ready to get back to life. Sure it was great to see my family and friends and receive the compliments on how I looked but I missed the bubble of H3 and was scared. Getting the first call from Jeff the week after I left helped center me, brought everything back into focus and gives me the strength week after week to keep chasing my goals and ultimately my dreams. Realizing I am not alone and still having the support from the island makes everyday a better one.

How has wellness coaching impacted your behaviors/lifestyle at home?

The coaching keeps me moving, committed, focused and at the end of the day happy. My new motto is no excuses because I need to celebrate and live my life – not watch it go by. Speaking to Jeff makes me want to hit CrossFit and kill it. I hear his voice in the morning when it is 5am and I need to get my training run in. 

What aspect of the H3@Home Program has been the biggest benefit?

I am going to be honest and say that the most important tool for me is my coach. The most important part of all this for me is talking it out, keeping my connection to H3 and remembering what I accomplished when I was there and how to keep it going…that is why it works for me – Thanks Jeff…xo

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