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Running on E?

From Samantha Newman, current Program Intern from Arkansas

With all the time and energy demanding “to do” lists require every day, how can we stay “fully charged” to face tomorrow? Since none of us are the energizer bunny here are the top 5 energizers to reboot and finish our days with ease and peace.

1. Drink water to energize– thirsting for energy? You may be more so than you think. Dehydration is the number one factor in fatigue. So fill and refill that water bottle!

2. Eat for energy- try eating strategically by focusing on timing, balance and variety. When it comes to meeting your energy needs, the right foods at the right times will give you the “fountain of youth” energy you need. Don’t forget to eat your MetaboMeal to help you get from meal to meal. Bananas, nuts and oats are great sources of energy that will keep you going throughout the day. You could also whip up a Super Smoothie for a sweet burst of energy.

3. Jump start your energy with exercise– just thirty minutes a day can boost your energy, moods and alertness which means happier days and less stress. For a quick boost-get moving!

4. Rest for energy– aside from food; sleep is one of your body’s main sources of fuel. Sleep deprivation can take a toll on your health and productivity. So “hit the hay” a little earlier so that snooze button is less appealing in the morning.

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