• Good ideas, as usual. And, we made some of the recommended snacks in class. Great treats.

    From Chuck Bartels
    February 2, 2012

  • We’re hosting the party today and I’m so glad I saw your article, Bob. I’ll remember it’s just one day, and maybe skip the alcohol (my resolve definitely dissolves!). I might even try a bit of Adam’s workout while I’m getting the food ready! Thanks!!

    From Laurel
    February 5, 2012

Resolve Dissolves in Sunday Football

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here. It will be a day of intriguing match ups, Brady vs. Eli, Belichick vs. Coughlin and good (the Giants) vs. evil (the Patriots). Just kidding, I actually like both teams. But if you are like me and are attending a Super Bowl party, the most important matchup of the day may be beer, wings and pizza vs. motivation, commitment and resolve. The challenge will be great.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Americans will consume 100 million pounds of chicken wings, 43.2 million pounds of tortilla chips, 45.8 million pounds of potato chips, 13.3 million pounds of pretzels,71.4 million pounds of avocados, 4.4 million pizza pies, and 111 million gallons of beer on Super Bowl Sunday. So, is it possible to go to a Super Bowl party, have a good time and leave with your sense of control in tact? I think so, but it will take some planning. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Be sure to get some physical activity in on Sunday. Take advantage of the great weather that many of you are experiencing and take a long walk or a bike ride, play some basketball or tennis, or go to the gym. Getting some exercise in lifts your spirits and will increase your commitment to make better choices at the party. Consider slipping away for a brief thermal walk during half time.
  • Before you go remind yourself how import your health is to you. Thanks to Charlotte, an intern from a couple of years ago, for sharing this quote:


  • Have a healthy snack before you go. Hunger, along with unlimited access to high calorie snacks is not a great combination for staying in control.
  • When you get there, survey the scene and check out the choices. There will be plenty of unwise, a few better and possibly a couple best choices available. If you want to even the playing field a bit, bring a couple healthier choices with you, or if you are the host, have a few available. (Refer to h3daily blog post January 25, 2012 for some great Super Bowl Party recipes)
  • Watch your alcohol consumption. Obviously, alcohol is another source of calories but more important than that is the effect it can have on your motivation and commitment to making better choices. Remember the phrase, “resolve dissolves in alcohol”. While it may not be realistic or necessary to eliminate alcohol, make it goal to have half the amount you might have consumed in the past.
  • Keep in mind that the whole point of going to a Super Bowl Party is to have fun. While the food has always been an integral part of the big day, don’t let it define the day. Take the opportunity to connect or re-connect with friends, and to even make new ones. Or, and this is a novel idea, actually watch and pay attention to the game.

If, in spite of your efforts to make good choices, you go overboard, remember that it is one day and one day does not determine your chance for long term success. As you might remember from the Staying on Track seminar, when you slip the goal is to “recover quickly”. Don’t try to make up for extra Super Bowl calories by skipping lunch and dinner or exercising fanatically on Monday, simply return to your normal healthy routine.

Have a great time and please share with us any good tips and strategies that worked well for you.


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