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Proactive Cancer Prevention

The topic of my last post was cancer, and while I don’t normally address the same basic topic two posts in a row, in this case it seemed to be the right thing to do. Surveys in the United States and England a have consistently found that cancer is our greatest health fear. And according the American Institute for Cancer Research, only 20% of people believe that cancer is a preventable disease.  Alice Bender MS,RD AICR’s Nutrition Communication Manager, puts it this way , “we have a high level of fear about cancer and a feeling that there is not much we can do about it, and that is a toxic combination.”  

As a follower of H3Daily, you know about  Devin Sheaffer, H3 massage therapist and a friend to all who knew him, passed away on August 26th, 2010. Devin died suddenly of a rare form of stomach cancer that had no known behavioral risk factors. When you see a young vibrant, apparently healthy friend die of cancer, especially a form of cancer with no known cause, it can enhance the fear and reinforce the belief that there is little we can do to prevent it. But the reality is that 1/3 of the most common types of cancers could be prevented by diet, exercise and weight management and another third by not smoking. So while it may appear to many that cancer is a bad luck, random disease (and in some cases such as Devin’s it is), the majority of cancers are caused by things we have control over. Review the AICR’s 10 Recommendations for Cancer Prevention.

We would love to see you next Saturday September 22nd as we celebrate Devin’s life at the 3rd annual Devin’s Dash. Proceeds of the event will be used to send local children with cancer to an overnight camp called Happiness is Camping. Visit the Devin’s Dash page on H3Daily for more information about Devin’s Dash, the Happiness is Camping camp or to make a donation if you can’t attend this year’s race.

Good friends Kelia and Devin

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