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One Step at a Time

What stage of change are you in? Focus on one habit or healthy lifestyle change you’d like to focus on and consider which stage you are in out of the ones listed below. Next, write the steps you need to take to get to the next level. Consider what is realistic for you and make SMART goals to help you get there!

Stages of Change

Pre-Contemplation: No intention or acknowledgement for need to change

Contemplation: Acknowledging that you need to change but not sure if you really want to or are ready to just yet. Considering or planning to change sometime within the next 6 months.

Preparation: Getting ready to change. Preparing for change within the next month.

Action: In the act of changing behavior. Committed to change and making steps toward success.

Maintenance: Maintaining change for at least 6 months to indetermined time. I would like to point out that maintainance never really stops. This is what we preach at Hilton Head Health, that getting healthy isn’t necesarily about losing weight, but adapting a healthier way of living.

Relapse: Returning to old beharior or discontinuing change. Relapse is a normal part of any behavior change. The key to overcoming relapse is acknowledging that it will happen but being prepared when it does. Know the signs, have a plan of action and don’t dwell on mistakes but stay opptomistic for the future.

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