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Lessons Learned: Healthy Environments


Logic tells us that environments affect our behavior. It makes so much sense when we consider examples like flowers and their need for soil, sun and water; or kids who grow up around gang activity and end up following that same path. Why is it so difficult for us to apply this same important observation to our ability to live healthy lives? We learn how to apply our critical thinking skills to problem solving in our careers… We need to use those same skills to create an environment that breeds healthy living. Here are some ideas to get started:

  1.  Break Room Bests: At the beginning of the week encourage co-workers to donate a fruit of choice to be shared throughout the week. A bag of apples, a bunch of bananas… Before you know it, you’ve just filled the break room with an assortment of fresh fruits instead of donut boxes or candy bars.
  2. Walking lunches: Scout out your neighboring areas with a fresh look to see if there are any new healthy lunch spots within walking distance. You’ll be surprised how helpful that 10 minute walk is, along with controlling your portions and skipping dessert. A little fresh air never hurts either!
  3. Get organized: If it takes 10 minutes or your entire afternoon, the time spent organizing can be priceless in terms of efficiency and stress management.
  4. Add color: Blue for creativity, red for details… Whether it’s painting a room or just adding some flare to your desktop background, color can be such an inspiration.
  5. Make a commitment: Set a deadline for the first piece to a large project, or pick an activity and ask a friend to commit along with you for support. Mark it on your calendar. Goals without deadlines never make the transition to accomplishments.
  6. Identify the weed: Identify one obstacle that’s in your way of achieving your goals; this could be anything from “your kids’ Oreos”, your snooze button, or even a sabotaging friend or spouse. What can you do to minimize your exposure to that obstacle.

Change your environment, change your life!!!

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