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Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas for Cooks

For all of you gift giving cooks out there wondering what to give your loved one that reflects what you love this Christmas, here are a few gift ideas that are perfect for the holidays. Need ideas that are more exciting than the typical large array of cookie platters? Well, try and spread the holiday cheer with a healthy twist.

• Jar up some of that famous chili! Perhaps you jar up the beans that you use (raw) and attach the spice blend you add plus a little recipe card for the novice cooks.

• How about a whole grain muffin mix, with a portion control scoop and muffin wrappers. Try the popular H3 Banana Flax Muffin or our Banana Blueberry Muffin recipe.

• What brings the family together like pizza night? Give whole wheat pizza dough ingredients and spend the holidays making homemade dough while everyone chooses and cuts their favorite veggies for their own individual pizza.

• Don’t overlook classic everyday dishes. Create a simple rice blend with brown rice, wild rice, whole wheat couscous and add a little red rice with a seasoning for a kick.

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