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Get Off the Couch, Potato!

As you enjoy your relaxing and possibly lazy time this weekend – keep in mind that lounging too long on the couch can be hazardous to your health.  New studies have shown that regardless of the amount of exercise you get over the course of the day, sitting for long segments of time can increase your risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer and can completely negate any exercise you may have done!  One study showed that sitting for four hours straight erased all exercise that person had done that day.  It’s not just zoning out to the TV, but those who spent four or more hours a day working or playing on a computer had the same increased risk. 

The good news is that even getting up for a few minutes can help off-set these health hazards.  So, while watching TV, get up during the commercials and move around.  Do a few jumping jacks, push-ups or crunches even.  When on the computer, set a timer so that you get up and move around.  You are working hard during your workouts – so don’t let a little relaxation time ruin all of your efforts! 

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