• Congratulations on your lifestyle changes Ken. Modest improvements everyday make a big difference over a year…wishing you continued success and thanks for sharing your story.

    From Trev Witt
    June 27, 2012

Get H3 Inspired: Ken Gourley

It’s been exactly one month ago today [Jan. 2012] that I left Hilton Head Health (H3) to fly back to San Francisco but the added time perspective gives me an even greater appreciation for all of the wonderful things that I learned while being at H3. I felt like the two weeks I spent there were like a gift of getting a small slice of my youth back.

The challenge now, however, is how to incorporate what I learned at H3 into how to apply those good habits back into my daily reality and routine here at home. My own self-assessment is this:  I’ve been doing much better (as compared to my horrible eating & exercise habits that were occurring prior to arriving at H3). Yes, I’ll have to be honest and admit to recently gaining a couple of those lost pounds back; but whenever I’ve asked myself a few soul-searching questions, I find the answers encouraging…

Q:  Am I leading a more active lifestyle than before my two weeks at H3?

A:  Yes, most definitely!

Q:  Am I more aware of my eating habits, including being more conscious whenever indulging in “Unwise” food choices?

A:  Yes—in fact, sometimes I’ve been able to successfully change an “Unwise” food choice into a “Better” category decision by being more aware of what I’m doing.

Q:  Am I still having trouble with my portion control?

A:  Unfortunately yes, but here again there is still some good news to report in this area, too:  I’m at least not over-indulging as much or as often as before my H3 experience!

In other words, I feel I caught the “spirit” of H3, so-to-speak, at succeeding to make some modest improvements happen in my everyday goal of having a healthier life.

I never thought I’d ever say this, as prior to being at H3, I had little or no familiarity with the state of South Carolina; but here are my thoughts nowadays about your beautiful state: Do you know that famous old Tony Bennett song, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco?”   Well, after my two week experience at Hilton Head Health, I now feel like I’ve left a piece of my heart in South Carolina, too!!

-Ken Gourley, San Francisco, CA

Visit the H3 website for more weight loss success stories. If you have a story you’d like to share, please e-mail Alicea Glover at aglover@hhhealth.com. Put ‘Get Inspired’ in the subject line.

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