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Do your part: Earth Day 2010

Combating Global Warminng


Earth Day 2010 is not just about recycling or climate change – it’s about better health.  Low levels of pollution have been found to increase asthma risks, lead to inflammation in the blood vessels, and increase the risk of recurring heart attacks. The effects of pollution and respiratory disease, heart disease, and cancer are clearly evident.


My question is why has it become socially acceptable to dismiss simple changes that could ultimately improve the quality of our environment/health? My challenge to you is to educate yourself.  Follow the simple flow chart above as well as the useful tips below and strive to become healthier and GREENer this Earth Day!



-Use only the water you need and reuse when possible.

-Use biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

-Dispose of solid and liquid wastes as well as medications safely.



-Use human powered modes of transportation. (ie. Biking/Walking)

-Pass on gas! Take public transportation or carpool.

-Keep the right house plants in your home to improve indoor air quality.

-Buy locally or grow your own food.

-Plant a tree, or many trees!



-Use pesticides safely.

Learn how to compost.



-Choose energy-saving appliances; (ie.Energy Star).

– Go renewable! Create your own power from wind, sun, water and biofuels.








Source: www.epa.gov


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