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Coaching Corner: Take a Pause to Celebrate Achievement

The journey to weight loss and lifestyle change is often a path paved in goal setting and achievement. We set big goals that provide a direction and vision of our ideal level of wellness; smaller goals are then established to close the gap.

 What happens when we reach a goal though? Often times we pause for a moment to look around and reset to the next goal on our path.  We are on a journey after all and want to continue moving forward, but it is the pause that I want to look at today. Just like in the flow of music down a stanza, the pauses and rests can be just as powerful and meaningful as the notes being played. Our pause at the attainment of a goal is a valuable part of our journey.

Sometimes we do not want to pause out of fear that we will lose momentum. If this is the case, go back to your vision of your ideal level of wellness and what you want as part of your future. Reconnect with that vision and what that means to you. Often times after a significant pause or rest in music it begins to builds, the momentum picks up and you reach the most exciting and meaningful part of the song. You do not turn off the iPod at the rest thinking that the song is over, you embrace the pause and wait with anticipation for the music to build and continue on.

Once you achieve a goal, whether a milestone or an inch pebble, take a moment to celebrate.

5 ways to celebrate your achievement:

  1. Write down the date and specifics of the achievement in your calendar. It is a historic day and worth recording. Continue to do this and you will be able to go back and reconnect with past achievements in your journey. Stay close to what you have done and how far you have come.
  2. Tell someone. It is not bragging! Think about how excited you are to celebrate good news with a loved one. Don’t celebrate alone. By verbalizing your success it reinforces the achievement and allows you to share your journey with those close to you. We were not made to be alone.
  3. Do something about it. Use your new success, put it into action. Show it off. If you reached a fitness goal, seek out a way to enjoy it. Go hiking, kayaking, or sign up for a 5k. If it is a weight loss goal, go shopping for something new. It doesn’t have to be a new closet of clothes, but something new that you are proud to put on. If it is a nutrition related goal, try cooking a healthy balanced meal for others. We have some great ideas for you!
  4. Give thanks to those who support you. Show gratitude for those who are with you and offer support on your journey. Gratitude is good for your health. It is amazing the impact that a 99 cent greeting card with a hand written note or a simple thank you can have. Whether it is your trainer, friend, spouse, or the butcher who portions out your meat at the grocery store, give gratitude for those who build you up.
  5. Take a picture. Snap a pic of the meal you made, fitness adventure, or even the scale! Print it out and fill your space with snapshots of achievement. These will be reminders to you on good days and bad that you are a success!


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