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Coaching Corner: Practice What You Post

Facebook posts, newsfeeds, pins and 140-word character limits… Social Media. We are exposed to this almost every day. Sharing our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, activities and where we are “located” has become a part of millions of people’s daily routine. Are these drifting us further into an electronic personality while becoming void from our authentic identity? Do your Facebook posts and tweets match to what is truly in your heart?

Authenticity is something we all need and desire from others. We respond well to those who tell us the truth, do what they say they are going to do, and treat us with value and worth. In culture of posts, tweets and pins some of the authenticity and sincerity can almost seem questionable. For example, I may post a quote about having a positive attitude, but if I’m living a life full negativity then that would be a little misleading, right?

Simply put, practice what you post—”Walk the Talk

Oh, and after watching the video you should probably “share” it. Haha. Just kidding.

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