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Coaching Corner: Marking Your Motivation

Wellness CoachingMotivation is an interesting subject. We all know what it is, but at the same time motivation is unique to each and every one of us. We’re constantly asking one another, “How do you stay motivated? What can I do to be like that? How can I get more motivated?” The issue here is that there is no valid one size fits all answer.  No fitted hats, no stretchy exercise pants; motivation is something that can’t be taught, it can only be found by you.

We have to uncover it for ourselves; but the question is – how do we discover it? Why at times is it the hardest thing to pin it down? I think we have to look at motivation and believe that it is really when our dreams put on their work clothes. Motivation is truly discovered when we decide to go after our dreams passionately and with meaning from deeper emotions attached. Again marking a motivation is difficult, but once you find it becomes tough to erase. For this week’s coaching corner answer of few of these questions and pick a few tips to mark your motivation:

Who in your family drive you to be healthy?

What quote can you think of that inspires to you follow thru?

What activity can you not live without?

What is it you wake up for every single morning?

What feelings do you most dream to ignite throughout your day?

What event or race is coming up that you have to be in shape for?

What organization, faith, or cause do you believe in most?

Tips to take

1. Wear a custom Livestrong bracelet such as “Train for life” or “Unwise, Better, Best”

–          Look at this band when you wake up in the morning or when making an important decision

2.  Set your room up for success

–          Add pictures of your friends and family, upcoming races, healthy magazines and books

3.  Put your goals on your desktop

–          Place your top 3 goals as your desktop with pictures of representing all your answers above

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