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Coaching Corner: Learning from the Best …Yourself

Wellness CoachingIt’s always interesting hearing the strategies others come up with to improve their nutrition, fitness, and well-being. Unique, always evolving, there is a new way to execute every healthy habit. Every time I hear a new strategy to overcome an obstacle it becomes that much more enticing to hear how it pans out for that guest. When we strategize and brainstorm, the key component is identifying what will work for us. We all struggle with a different component of our lifestyles and it’s important to remember that not every strategy is a one size fits all approach. The fact of the matter is we learn thru trial and error … Trial and error that has a purpose … Trial and error that must be evaluated in the end.

Sunday is a tremendous day to strategize for your week and who better to learn from than the best … yourself. Evaluate your commitments and progress on a week to week basis, remind yourself that every day requires a new focus and to get you started.


Absorb these top strategies created by the hard working wellness coaching members:

Situation: I can’t seem to get my sweet tooth under control, if it’s in the house I am going to eat.  

Strategy: I am going to put the brownies at the back of the freezer until my next get together with my friends on Saturday. I will have my coach email/text message me the question: Are all the brownies all accounted for in the freezer?


Situation: I am a single professional and can’t find the time to prepare healthy foods. It’s no fun cooking for one person.

Strategy: On Sunday, I plan to head to the grocery store and buy frozen vegetables that I can nuke quickly in the microwave. I will cook a 5 day portioned supply of chicken breasts to have for dinner each week night. I will wash the berries, cut the cantaloupe, and make this all happen on Sunday afternoon.


Situation: I am constantly going to social gatherings, parties, and events. I’m surrounded with bread, desserts, and alcohol. I don’t want to feel restricted, but know I need to do something to stick to my plan and not overindulge at these events.

Strategy: I am going to write my intentions down in my journal on the kitchen table right before I leave. I will choose 1 portion of alcohol, dessert, or bread to not feel over restricted. I will head in with a plan.


Situation: I am away traveling on business and have no control over the catered food during our meetings. I can’t be certain there will be an option that falls in line with my goals.

Strategy: I will grab metabo meals at the continental breakfast in the morning. After the accessing the catered food there’s nothing to eat! I keep my control and head out the hotel lobby to the closest healthy option and buy a low calorie sandwich.


 Situation: The biggest thing for me is first getting to the gym. I am intimidated and can’t find the motivation to just get through the doors. Once I am there I know I’ll work hard.

Strategy: I will call one of my friends and plan on a class time that we both can attend. I’ll focus only on my moves, repetitions, and how I feel. I could have my closest friend, coach, or sister plan to text me two hours after the time I designated to work out. They could ask: How much fun did you have at the gym?


Take this Sunday to strategize for your week and understand that the best way to learn is from yourself. Find your unique twist and when the strategy proves effective … know that you came up with it yourself!

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