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Coaching Corner: Find A Formula

How would you describe Hilton Head Health? Would ‘ahead of the wave’ come to mind? Our mission is to not just simply inspire, motivate and educate our guests, but to remain cutting edge in the way we help our guests create this formula.

When we started H3@Home Coaching, we knew it was a need and we looked at it as a must have option from the standpoint of ensuring our guests understand that they need to change their mindset. The big question that comes up is what’s the value in a coach versus a personal trainer? The relationships couldn’t be more different.

The focus of a Wellness Coach is to work with an individual to design structure in their life. Instead of someone directing you physically on what to do, coaches work with you to set specific goals while reviewing your progress.  The formula for behavior change doesn’t lay so much in more exercise or simply eating cleaner, but more so in the foundation we build within our lives.

I think for many of us, changes in most areas of our lives are easier said than done but once we put ourselves first, become selfish with our health and find a formula, it’s pretty easy. Everyone’s formula to sustainable success is different; there is simply no timetable. Working with a coach is an opportunity to uncover it faster than alone. One question left for you this Sunday, Do you need a Wellness Coach?

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