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Bring H3 to Work

Not only is my job here at H3 to help spread the word about our program and keep our guests connected and on track, but I also get to share our Healthy Lifestyle program with the corporate world – an environment where being healthy is imperative, yet sometimes takes the back burner.  Let’s face it; a healthy worker equals a productive worker.  It’s a win, win situation for both the employer and the employee, as you are not only able to make the most of your work day, but you’ll also have the energy to reach your personal career goals and aspirations.


With continued recognition of National Physical Fitness Month, today we celebrate and take a closer look at National Employee Health and Fitness Day.  I understand the challenges of sitting at an office desk for 8 (or more) hours/day.  And although there are some obvious and not-so-obvious tricks to combat the sedentary cubicle experience, finding the balance between a healthy work and personal life can be quite a challenge. 


Worksite wellness is on the rise nationwide with companies implementing programs to keep their employees healthy and productive.  Not only does this help the company’s health care costs, but it improves the lives of every individual, therefore positively impacting the company as a whole.  Take the initiative to create a culture of health at your workplace with our newest program, H3 Direct.


Staying healthy is tough – especially in the work-force, so if you want to see our Healthy Lifestyle program in your workplace, contact me at cmaddox@hhhealth.com for more information.  Now we can bring H3 directly to you through company wellness events, on-site visits from your favorite H3 Health Specialists, webinars, online support and more!

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