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Are you Red Cross Ready?

In recognition of February as Heart Health Month, we highlight a class or activity each week this month related to our heart health, as well as the opportunity to participate in a Citizen CPR training course.  This 30-minute course teaches you how hands-only CPR can save a life. 

You may have noticed in recent headlines that there has been some interesting research involved with comparing the benefits of hands-only CPR to mouth-to-mouth CPR.  While the American Red Cross has not changed their professional training for CPR to the hands-only method, they are now offering a 30-minute instructional course for citizens to learn the hands-only skill.  This course does not result in full certification, but the skill could prove invaluable to the common person not required to hold a full certification.  In short, it could save a life!  Check out your local Red Cross chapter for their next Citizen CPR training session.

The Red Cross website also provides a great resource for preparedness for any type of natural disaster you might be at risk for in your hometown.  Checkout their Preparedness Fast Facts, beginning with Are You Red Cross Ready?  

Here’s the Top 5 To-Do’s:

1)    Know what disasters or emergencies are most likely to happen in your community

2)    Create a family disaster plan and practice it

3)    Have an Emergency Preparedness kit

4)    Have at least one household member trained in first aid and CPR

5)    Take action to help your community prepare

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