• Basically Bob Rocks!

    From Jeff
    June 30, 2010

  • I really got a lot out of Bob’s nutritional and wellness seminars. The suggestions were realistic and practical. Getting rid of the all or nothing mentality really helped me. Since returning home, I have had a few lapses but no relapses to move me toward collapse. Thanks for providing that contiuum for thinking about my wellness program.

    From Judith
    July 1, 2010

All About Bob

Bob Wright

Everyone who’s visited Hilton Head Health (H3) knows Bob Wright.  His wealth of knowledge and passion for education is memorable, not to mention his notorious phrases—or as we call them around here, “Bob-isms.” We all know and love Bob, but do you know when or why he came to H3?


Born in the South but raised in North, Bob spent the majority of his childhood in Pennsylvania. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Health and Physical Education from Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania, and his master’s degree in Health Education from the University of South Carolina. Upon obtaining his master’s, Bob accepted a position with the Department of Public Health in Beaufort, SC. It was during his time there that Bob learned of H3, formerly known as the Sea Pines Behavioral Institute. A few years later—in 1981, as society’s trend shifted away from disease prevention towards health promotion, Bob made the transition and joined the H3 Team. (It’s easy for him to recall his start date, as his daughter was just two weeks old.)


Bob’s dedication and motivation to educate guests over the years comes from seeing “the positive changes within our Guests. Even one week in our program creates a lasting impact on the quality of their lives.” Bob’s role here at H3 includes both one-on-one sessions and group education classes. He provides Health Habit Reviews, Dining Wright outings, Smart Cart excursions, as well as a wide-variety of seminars (Planning Healthy Meals, Portion Control, Maximizing Your Metabolism and Living Young—just to name a few).


If Bob could encourage all our Guests to remember one thing when they return home, it would be to keep in mind that “there are degrees of ‘on’—get rid of the all-or-nothing mindset and do what you can! You should never underestimate the impact of small changes.”


When he’s not educating Guests at H3, Bob enjoys fishing, attending local sporting events and spending time with his family.

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