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martinez chris portrait 20120723 Sharing Success

Chris Martinez

Plateaus can be challenging but learn how Chris worked with his H3@Home coach to move past his weight loss plateau and lower his blood pressure, drop several inches off his waistline and lose 40 pounds in just 7 months. Click here to read the full story.

wolfe allyson portrait 20120723 Sharing Success

Allyson Wolfe

Hear how Allyson’s first Treading fitness class at Hilton Head Health whirl winded her life in an entirely new direction she didn’t even think possible by clicking here.

ogelsby susan portrait 20120723 Sharing Success

Susan Ogelsby

“They said it couldn’t be done; or, rather, I think I had simply given up on ever getting it done.” Read here how Susan began to believe in herself and build new lifestyle habits even at age 65.

justine portrait 20120723 Sharing Success


Now happier and healthier, read how Justine exchanged her feelings of loneliness for a wardrobe that it now three dress sizes smaller due to her 60 pounds weight loss. Click here.

orr lyle portrait 20120227 Sharing Success

Lyle Orr

Lyle checked into Hilton Head Health for an entire month, and he was a ball of energy that motivated everyone around him. But he will be the first to point out, 74% of the 127 pounds he has lost came after he stepped out of the comfortable confines of H3. Click here to learn about Lyle’s journey and how H3@Home Coaching played a role in his success.

colocho sally portrait 20120113 Sharing Success

Sally Colocho Updated!

Sally has now lost 55 pounds! She attributes this success to being able to establish short term, attainable goals with her Wellness Coach. Click here to read about Sally’s latest progress.

davine cari portrait 20120113 Sharing Success

Cari Davine

Cari’s journey began in early May 2011 and has not stopped or wavered in the slightest to this very day. As Cari went through the H3 Health Lifestyle™ program, she not only shrunk in waist sizes, but her aura completely changed. Click here to read her full story!

holland lori portrait 20120113 Sharing Success

Lori Holland

Lori had many questions and issues, upon returning home from her visit to H3. She had injuries, time challenges, and all kinds of questions. Amy was always right there with fabulous solutions to every problem I encountered. Click here to read Lori’s full story!

winter debbie portrait 20120113 Sharing Success

Debbie Winter

Wellness coaching reminds me that I deserve to do something for myself each day whether it is exercising, meditating, or nothing at all. I understand that I can accomplish more if I set myself a goal and follow the steps to achieve it. Click here to read Debbie’s journey!

carek katherine image Sharing Success

Katharine Carek

Katharine came to Hilton Head Health for one reason: “I don’t want to die,” she said. ”I love my family, and I want to be here for them.” Facing reality, Katharine has not only gone from size 24 to a 16, but dropped her blood pressure and diabetes medications. How did she do it? Click here to find out!

clark karen image Sharing Success

Karen Clark

When Karen sets out to win, look out. Gaining strength from her family and Wellness Coach Linda, Karen made her health the priority. Successfully losing 45 pounds and reducing her total cholesterol to 156; now nothing can stand in her way. Click here to read more!

strahan kappy image Sharing Success

Kappy Strahan

Kappy wondered if she could really start running at 66 years old. To her surprise, Kappy learned she loved the outdoors! Click here to read about Kappy’s running plan and the milestones she’s achieved that she never thought she could reach.

buford mindy image Sharing Success

Mindy Buford

Being at home was not an option for Mindy, except on the weekends. How was she able to manage to switch to a balanced, healthy lifestyle with such a schedule? Planning and commitment. Read Mindy’s full story by clicking here.


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