Meet your Coaches



Linda Lisko

Rutgers University, B.S. Alumni

Certified Nutrition and Wellness Counselor

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Yoga Instructor

Certified Pilates and Pilates Reformer Instructor

What brought me to wellness coaching

As a fitness instructor and personal trainer for many years, I have had many clients ask for guidance on nutritional and weight loss topics.  I am amazed at the approaches people are willing to take to losing weight, no matter what the risks might be.  Becoming a nutritional and wellness consultant and coach provides me with the opportunity to integrate all of the pertinent components of the whole health and wellbeing process (fitness, nutrition and emotional) into a sensible, realistic and manageable format for my clients, which allows them to have safe and lasting results.  I truly feel grateful to be able to help people take the overwhelming volume of information (and often nonsense!) out there and begin to simplify it and apply it successfully to their daily lives.

My favorite encouraging and motivational quote

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

The top three things I enjoy most about Wellness Coaching are

  1. Working with people who have tried and been frustrated by all of the fad diets and trends, and helping them focus on healthy, realistic and safe behavior change.
  2. Watching people regain control over their lives, their health, and their happiness.
  3. Hearing the joy and confidence in clients’ voices when they know they can do it on their own.

My number one highlight since becoming a coach

I had a client who began her first session by describing her recurring experiences with diets, eating disorders and unsafe exercise regimes that she had engaged in over many years, in her effort to lose weight and ‘get healthy’.  She went on to state that she was totally frustrated with herself and didn’t believe there was a way to find balance and make effective changes.  We talked for a while about her family and how important it was for her to make changes for them.  I asked her to think about all her experiences for a moment and then write down what her version (vision!) of a healthy lifestyle would be for someone she dearly loved.  Once completed, I asked her to read it out loud.  It was amazing!  I asked her ‘why wouldn’t you think this should apply to you?’  Her expression told me she got it.  I asked her to post it somewhere where she could read it everyday.  She continues to have great results!

Allison Holloway

H3 @ Home Coach
Texas A&M University Alumn
Masters of Science in Counseling & Guidance
B.S. Applied Learning & Development

What brought me to Wellness Coaching:

People never cease to amaze me and I regularly find myself in awe of the power and inspiration that we have to push ourselves into incredible places to accomplish our goals. I was drawn to wellness coaching because it allows me to help, encourage and inspire my clients to reach their greatest potential, while also being inspired by the power of my clients. I love the transformation stories of mind, body and soul that my clients experience and I love helping my clients on the path to health, fitness and wellness.

Favorite quote:

“A goal properly set is halfway reached” –Abraham Lincoln

Top three things I enjoy most about Wellness Coaching:

  1. Watching my clients power through their health and fitness hurdles to achieve their goals
  2. Helping clients realize their full potential even when they doubt themselves and then hearing their success stories every week
  3. Clients actually make me more motivated and help push me towards bigger and better wellness goals!

My favorite personal fitness success story:

Naturally born as the worst runner in history, I was disappointed when I thought I reached my health and fitness goals after my wedding but failed to run an entire 5k in October of 2009. I needed a goal. Another 5k was scheduled 2 months later and I started my training and completed that race successfully. But then I needed a new goal! This was the first time that I realized the addictive power of goals and fitness. I was no longer on the white dress diet but a fitness goal specifically for me. I found a half marathon in Austin, TX scheduled for February and a running partner so we started to train together. This was when I realized the power of accountability in fitness goals. You can’t wimp out on a running buddy when they are depending on you. That February, I finished my first half marathon running every step of the way! I was not transformed into the world’s greatest runner but I was inspired by the ability of setting goals, being accountable for your fitness goals and the pure joy experienced when you reach your goal—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

My number one highlight since becoming a Wellness Coach:

That’s easy! The first day I arrived at the H3 campus and had my first conversation with a guest. What more amazing first leap toward improving your health, fitness and wellness than dedicating one week or 3 months—or anything in between—to yourself, your health and your wellness at Hilton Head Health. There are far more exotic or luxurious vacations that require less sweat, provide more decadent meals and don’t require you to get a full health profile, but the guests at Hilton Head Health all choose to put their health and wellness as their number one priority. The first step is often the hardest and dedicating the time and energy it takes to get your life on a healthier track is an amazing and admirable first step.


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