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Zzz’s to Success

Last year, I wrote a blog post on how sacrificing a few Zzz’s was worth getting up early to walk along the beach. Recently, I had to remind myself of how true this statement really is.

I am hands down a night person. Many of you may be just like me—you feel tired all day but are wide awake at night. Needless to say, getting up before I absolutely have to is a struggle for me. I’m not exactly sure why I thought attending a 6 AM boot camp would be perfect for me but I purchased the pass for the class and am now finding myself dragging to get out of bed in the morning.

To overcome my sluggish attitude, I’ve tried a few things that have seemed to help me in the mornings. I call these tips my “Zzz’s to Success.”

·         The first thing I do when the alarm goes off in the morning is hit the snooze button and roll over. I now set my clock radio to help me wake up in the mornings. For some people a radio may help, others may need to turn on the news or set a clock in a different room. Whatever you do, try to switch up your normal routine.

·         The second thought that goes through my head is “oh, you don’t have to workout now. Just wait until after work.” This excuse always fools me because I never actually feel like working out after work. Plus, there will always be some reason to not workout later in the day. I’ve grown to overcome this “I’ll get around to it later” mentality, by really focusing on the task at hand. It’s only for one hour and I know I’ll feel better once it’s accomplished and out of the way.

·         What actually pushes me to get out of bed in the morning though is thinking about how much I really enjoy Boot camp. From some of my other posts, you probably already know that I enjoy group fitness but Boot camp really pushes me like none other. To me, boot camp is like having a personal training and a personal cheering squad all in one. Not only am I getting in a full body strength and aerobic workout, but I’m also meeting new people, in a better mood and have more energy throughout the day. I’ve also noticed that being up a little earlier than normal has prompted me to eat an even healthier, well-prepared breakfast and increase my water intake.

The last thing I’d like to leave you with is this quote, found on our Pinterest page. Remember this the next time you need a little motivation to start your workout:

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