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    From Jeff
    April 28, 2010


Employees at H3 Walking

Don’t forget your tennis shoes because today is National Walk@LunchDay.  In yesterday’s post, Tips for a Healthy Cubicle, I gave you a few tips to keep your healthy habits throughout the work-day.  National Walk@LunchDay encourages you to incorporate physical activity into your work day and encourages you to increase your daily physical activity by walking at lunch every day. 


We all know the benefits of walking, but in case you forgot:

–  Decrease your risk of a heart attack and type-2 diabetes

–  Control your weight

–  Improve your muscle tone

–  Reduce your stress


Bring your lunch and walk for half of your break or make a date with a co-worker to walk to and from your favorite lunch spot.  Even if it is only for 10 minutes, make it a point to pencil in your walk to your daily task list. 


Worksite wellness is on the rise with companies implementing programs to keep their employees healthy and productive.  Not only does this help the company’s health care costs, but improves the lives of every individual, therefore affecting the company as a whole.


Here at H3, we have decided to expand our Healthy Lifestyle program into something that companies can experience on-site.  Sure, you may miss out on the peacefulness of a sunrise beach walk, but through our program offerings, you can build a personalized program for your company including on-site visits, group workshops, webinars and more!


Take the initiative to create a culture of health at your workplace.  Bringing your healthy lifestyle into the workplace seems like a no brainer, as it’s where we spend most of our time! 


Now, lace up your shoes and get out there and WALK.

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