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Unleash Your Inner Yogi

Beach Yoga

As a blog contributor here at H3, I also spend my time reading other’s fitness and health blogs.  It’s a great way to keep up with the newest trends in the field – and to keep myself inspired by new topics to share with you! 


A few weeks ago, I saw a post about this really cool yoga mat, appropriately named the Trainer Mat.  For those new to yoga or those wanting to learn, this mat is perfect for you!  Each mat has a different stretch or exercise program illustrated on the top, ranging from yoga to Pilates to golf based stretching. 


Once considered a technique for stress reduction and relaxation, yoga is proven to promote numerous health benefits that go well beyond the emotional and spiritual aspects. Incorporating yoga into your fitness routine will increase your flexibility and strength, improve your posture, lower your blood pressure, increase your cardiovascular endurance and relieve painful areas (just to name a few). Its popularity has continued to grow because of its adaptability to all fitness levels.


The Yoga Trainer Mat has 28 essential yoga poses printed on the mat, as well as video instruction on their website.  The mat is also eco-friendly and comes with a lifetime warranty.  To see more photos and even a test video, visit their website here.


Beach Yoga is quite the hit here at H3, and with heightened interest by our guests, Hilton Head Health has developed Yoga Retreat, a three-day workshop focusing specifically on the different types and techniques of yoga.  Whether you are a yoga novice or enthusiast, you will gain a new appreciation for and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits that this activity offers. This workshop is facilitated by H3 Yoga Instructor, Karen Verechia.

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