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Try Something New: Spinning


After years of committing my cardio relationship to running, I decided to take a ‘break’ from my trusty Asics and shaded paths around Hilton Head Island.  (I know – this is unspoken of here at H3 with all of the runner enthusiasts!) 

I needed something to challenge me physically, as well as mentally.  I believe I was experiencing what they would call a runner’s burn-out.  When you use exercise as a form of stress release, it is important that exercising in it of itself doesn’t stress you out!  I use this time to zone out completely and focus on me.  However, it seemed as though recently, throughout the entire run, I just kept thinking repeatedly ‘when is this going to be over?!’  After a month or so of this mindset, my thoughts turned to ‘I’m not feeling this today…let’s go shopping instead.’

Finally I realized I needed to make a change or this little hiatus was going to snowball into a messy break-up.  So, I joined a new gym, excited for the group fitness; I began my journey to find an excitement in exercise again.  I started with Body Sculpting, and then I tried a few others like Zumba and Boot Camp.  They were all fun – but they didn’t really replace the bond that I had with running.  That is until one night when I was coerced into a new class offering, Spinning, with the old line “just try it this once”.  Well that is when my new love affair began…

You are probably wondering, ‘what is spinning’?  Well, short of torture, it’s a “unique indoor cycling workout. It brings the elements of athletic training to people of all fitness levels, but contrary to popular belief, Spinning is not just a ‘hard-core’ fitness program for elite athletes. Instead, this high-energy group exercise integrates music, camaraderie, and visualization in a complete mind/body exercise program. Individualized for participants of any age or ability, the Spinning program uses [a] stationary bike, a simple set of movements and hand positions, and heart rate training to deliver personal empowerment and unparalleled fitness results. In fact, participants in a 40-minute cycling class can burn an average of 500 calories.”  According to the website www.spinning.com, “the primary focus of Spinning is to get into shape, have fun, train with purpose and enjoy a powerful mind-body connection.”

Well I can vouch and say, I have never sweat so much in my life!  After just one class, I was hooked!  I left completely in love with the environment that spinning brings – the music pumping, enthusiastic instructors and a class that will definitely empower you to push your fitness limits.  I leave each class feeling stronger and accomplished.  Now, I try to aim for two nights a week – and have even incorporated running back into my routine.  I have even become a stronger (faster) runner by taking a little time off to cross train.

If you want to try Spinning, I encourage you to do so as well!  For those of you who are H3 alums – think the same concept as Treading, but on a stationary bike.  Or if you are like me, bored with your current routine, feeling like the fun is definitely removed from your fitness – I encourage you to try something new.  You never know what might happen!

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